A cooperative community in Rockland county of New York
Only 30 minutes from Manhattan in Rockland County’s Town of Ramapo, Skyview Acres is anything but a typical New York City suburb

What is Skyview Acres?

Skyview Acres is a unique and beautiful community in Northeast Ramapo. The community has access to significant green space with the feel of the countryside, within easy commuting distance of New York City. Skyview Acres was founded in 1946 as the first diverse cooperative community in Rockland County. In 2021, the community celebrated its 75thanniversary. Skyview is spread out over about 115 acres with over 45 homes. Skyview Acres was founded as an interracial, inter-religious, inclusive, and friendly community. The community has a long tradition of political and social engagement that continues to this day. Community members share an appreciation of nature, the arts and — most importantly — neighborly cooperation.

What does it mean to be a Skyview community member?

Property holders in Skyview Acres are part of a cooperative that owns and maintains a stream-fed pond for swimming and skating and a sports field, accessible to all members. The field is used mainly for baseball/softball and occasional community gatherings such as bonfires and singalongs. Two community events are held annually: a Winter Doldrums party in February and Family Day on the Labor Day weekend, which typically includes a community potluck supper, folk dancing, and many fun activities. Throughout the year there are other happenings, from musical evening at the pool to Halloween pumpkin carving to a pool clean-up day.

Skyview Acres is governed by formal by-laws and an elected Board of Directors. There is a nominal annual assessment that covers the costs of taxes on and maintenance of the communal property. Neighbors volunteer for the Pool Committee and the Social Committee.

Who has lived in Skyview Acres?

The community is (and has been) home to neighbors who are active in and passionate about their intentional community. Notable civil rights leaders, artists, musicians, doctors, educators, and many other accomplished members have lived — and still live — in Skyview. Check out our community journal to read articles and stories about some of our famed neighbors.


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