A cooperative community in Rockland county of New York

Welcome to Skyview Acres

January 19, 2022

Skyview Acres Cooperative, Inc is many things. It is a tract of over 100 acres of beautiful densely wooded land in Rockland County, NY. It is the home of forty-six families of different ages, races, religions, political affiliations and economic status. It is loosely organized as a community in which the members are free to participate as they wish in social, athletic and children’s activities. It is a place many of the residents think is the best place in the world to live, but is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Each family owns a share in the swimming pool and the recreation field. The pond is a favorite gathering place for all; the scene of the summer programs for children and ice skating in the winter. The recreation field is the location of softball and soccer games for young and old, and also of the annual picnic. Skyview day golfers, kite flyers, mushroom hunters and others make good use of this facility.

Skyview Acres was established at this location in 1949 and has “graduated well over 200 kids, most of who rightly believe they had a rare and privileged childhood.

Each member family owns its own house and land and is a stockholder in the corporation. It has one vote in the meetings that will decide all pertinent issues. There are usually one or two meetings a year. An elected Board of Directors guides the community affairs. Each member family is responsible for paying its pro rata share of the modest annual assessment, which covers all the expenses of the corporation. Eighteen of the present forty-six families are the original plot holders from the beginning.